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Wellness & Empowerment Retreat

Join us in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as we celebrate the joy and wisdom of firewalking, an ancient practice of transformation

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"“Firewalking is empowering, stimulating and enthralling… you will turn into the phoenix. Without the first step, one will never become what they are truly meant to be... Be the flame.”


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Reserve your spot today for the FireWalk Spring 22 Wellness and Empowerment Retreat to be held at Camp Grier in Old Fort, North Carolina.

This event will be one of many around the world of people coming together to raise awareness and encourage healing through the lessons of the fire.

During our time together you will challenge your own beliefs and shift your relationship with the element of fire. Whether you are new to the fire or have been a beloved fire spirit all of your life, you will grow from this event. You will gain your own unique personal experience and shared awareness by connecting as a group working as a symbiotic unit with others as you become closer to the fire.

Not only will you get the opportunity to walk on hot coals as our main event but you will get to take part in breakout sessions that build upon your experience and will get to join in with Patty and Ron Schaeffer through their empowering lecture. We hope that you will join us for a memorable time, the Obsidian Firewalking way. Be the Flame.